Romantic Birthday Surprise For Her

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Something Romantic To Do For Her Birthday

So her birthday is just around the corner, and you guys are probably trying to find something to do for her that is different right? Sometimes it can be hard to come up with an idea of what to do for her birthday especially when the pressure starts falling on your shoulder.

EVERY girl / woman wants to feel special, wants to feel like that fairy tale princess on a white horse, where her prince charming sweeps her off her feet. Now I don’t mean carry her up but I mean that she wants to experience that feeling “getting swept off my feet”. It’s that feeling where you are so surprised by the simple romantic thing you have done for her. The effort and time that you have put into just organizing this for her. It doesn’t matter the age she’s at, and it certainly doesn’t matter whether she has said so or not. Trust me she wants you to go that extra mile for her birthday.

So I’ll cut to the chase and tell you a few romantic things you could do for her birthday whether you are in Phuket or not. These are things you could do yourself as well any part of the world. The best part is it doesn’t take more than an hour to set up, but I won’t lie you will need to organize a few things.

Living / Dining room romantic dinner set up

  • Organize some helium balloons (red, white, blue or pink) to float in the room
  • Organize some normal balloons to lay on the floor
  • Set the path from the door or entrance to sitting area that you are going to set up with rose petals and candles on the side
  • Light up an aroma oil
  • Set up the floor with some duvet, and lots of cushions.
  • A small table
  • A vase of her favourite flowers (if you don’t know then red and white rose will work just fine)
  • A selection of cheeses
  • A selection of cold cuts
  • A Bottle of Moscato or her favourite bottle of wine / sparkling
  • Chocolate truffles and strawberries
  • And any other meals you’d like to have

A romantic movie in set up in the bedroom

  • Make your bed make sure there are lots of cushions / pillows
  • A bed table
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Chips
  • Strawberries
  • A Bottle of Moscato or her favourite bottle of wine / sparkling
  • Nuts
  • A vase of her favourite flowers (if you don’t know then red and white rose will work just fine)
  • Light the room with some aroma large candles with a 3-4 rose petals near

A Bathroom romantic pamper

Now this set up is more for her to be pampered, if you have a bath tub or jacuzzi this is perfect.

  • Lay down a path to the bathroom with rose petals and candles on the side
  • Light the bathroom with aroma candles large ones and make sure you put 2 in each corner at least.
  • Fill up the tub with hot water and bubble bath or rose petals
  • No the tricky part is to put a plate of chocolate truffles on one corner somewhere (5 pieces)
  • A bowl of strawberries
  • A wine bucket with her favourite bottle
  • 2 Glasses
  • Play her favourite playlist (romantic songs of course)

A Romantic Lit Garden Dinner

Ok so this one is a bit more work than the rest but if you have helpers then this is great.

  • Light the trees with fairy lights
  • Light the path with candle lanterns
  • Have some of your favourite photos hung up
  • Set up a dining table and 2 chairs with a nice table cloth
  • Center of table a vase with her favourite flowers (or a bunch of red and white roses)
  • A bottle of her favourite drink
  • Don’t forget the essentials, plates, napkins, cutleries, glasses etc.
  • Now if you have a kid this is where things can get super cute your son /  daughter could dress up in a cute suit or dress and would be the one to bring the food in for mommy. If you have no kid’s then perhaps hire a person to be your waiter for the night.
  • Speakers with her favourite music but not too loud
  • And the starters should already be on the table these could be simple things like cold cuts, cheeses, or order take away from her favourite restaurant
  • Don’t forget the mains (do not do BBQ dinners) they take too long and too smoky.
  • The dessert well the cake!

If you really wanted you could even combine the above together like the bathroom romantic pamper and the romantic set up in the bedroom, living area or even the garden. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message.