40 Ways to Be Romantic – Part 2

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Continuing our previous post here are another 10 tips you could do to show your love for your partner for the month.

  1. Dedicate a song to her/him on the radio and send a message telling when he/she should listen to the radio.
  2. Give your partner a nice foot rub
  3. Send a simple text saying “I Love You”
  4. Mail (I mean by post) a card that has 10 things you love about your partner written inside.
  5. Give him/her a picture of you with a writing on the back saying “I Love You”
  6. Carve your initials on a tree.
  7. Surprise your partner with a passionate kiss even if it is in public.
  8. Leave a love note in her/his car.
  9. See a romantic movie together, make sure you hold hands and cuddle up.
  10. Buy a tree and invite your partner to care for it with you and explain that this tree represents the love between the two of you, that’ll grow over the years.’


To Be Continued…

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